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From the Mayor:  Spring began March 20th and we still have snow. Is it true that April showers bring May flowers? It's time for the warmer weather! Harrison in the spring and summer is just wonderful. Everyone is beginning to think about planting their gardens. The businesses that have been closed for the winter are starting to open up for the summer. We will soon see all the visitors coming to our City to enjoy all the activities scheduled for this year. I'm sure the Chamber of Commerce is busy planning all their events. It is important that we all support those businesses in Harrison so they will continue to be open each year.
     The fish are biting and the fishermen are hoping to catch that big one along with the boaters preparing their boats for the summer season. It's always so refreshing to see our town and businesses beginning to bloom along with the spring flowers!
     At City Hall we are getting a lot of reservations starting in mid-April through September for the RV Campground. The maintenance crew is preparing the RV Campground; turning the water and electricity on and opening the showers and bathrooms.
     Our new Camp Hosts are Jan and Gerry Colburn. They will arrive April 15th. Stop by and give them a nice warm "Welcome!" Last year Jan and Gerry were camp hosts at an Arizona State Park and they are looking forward to spending the summer season in Harrison.
     City Hall has been busy with Spring Cleanup. The Maintenance crew, along with volunteer Jessica Hodgeman, painted the City Hall front office and it looks great! A big THANK YOU to Jessica! Stop by and take a look at the bright colors and visit with the staff.
     It's the time of year for Harrison residents to begin thinking about spring cleanup. Start putting all the winter tools away, but not too fast and bring out the lawnmowers and tools. Oh what joy! It's also a good time to check around your home, particularly the basement to make sure that your home does not have any moisture building up. It is important that you take care of any problems quickly to prevent mold from forming and other issues that may cost a considerable expense if ignored.
     The Harrison Transportation Plan is almost complete. An open house was held March 14th at City Hall and frankly, I was hoping for a larger turn out. The Steering Committee is waiting for more changes to be made by Welch-Comer Engineering. Once these changes are made, a presentation will be made to the City Council. A copy of the Plan will be available at City Hall.
     Let's continue to work together so our next generation can share in the beautiful City we enjoy.
Stop in or drop me an Email to  For the latest information and meeting dates, check our Harrison City Hall bulletin board.  We are blessed to live in our wonderful city and I am honored to be your Mayor.

Wanda Irish



In the 2009 Comprehensive Plan the Planning and Zoning Commissioners wrote: Harrison, in years to come, will be a community that has growth and change but can clearly maintain its desirable small town quality of life. The city is characterized as a small historic community located on a hillside overlooking a beautiful lake and river. The community senses a feeling of place and identity that goes back to the early 1900's when it was much larger.
  • The city is blessed with a lake at its doorstep. An emphasis is placed on developing lakeshore recreational facilities and activities that capitalize on this asset.
  • The community's housing inventory includes a variety of housing types and age. Many housing units in Harrison are over 50 years old. The community chooses to accept an increase in mixed use (residential and commercial) housing in the downtown area along the Scenic Byway, Highway 97.
  • A strong emphasis is place on the "Trail of Coeur d'Alenes" and new facilities related to its use such as rest rooms, destination and information centers, parking areas, etc.
  • A strong emphasis is placed on providing pedestrian and bicycle paths, walkways and trails that connect the "Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes" to all parts of the city.
  • The city encourages economic development on a scale that is commensurate with its setting and its expansion plans.
  • Our vision is to expand the area of city impact to promote a more diverse economic community while retaining the integrity of the environment and small town atmosphere.
  • Vehicular access, street improvements and parking areas are a top priority for the downtown area to provide access to and from businesses, the trail, the boat dock and other city amenities, and to ease the flow of traffic during special events.
  • Encourage businesses which promote and support a desireable, self-sufficient, stable community

City of Harrison, P.O. Box 73, Harrison, ID 83833